85% Haiti Dark Chocolate Bar

85% Haiti Dark Chocolate Bar

A photo of our 85% Haiti Dark Chocolate Bar next to its packaging which is a pale cream and dark indigo color


Today on the blog we wanted to give you 8 fun facts about our 85% Haiti Dark Chocolate bar:

  1. We hand-crafted Haiti PISA Cacao and raw honey to make this bar.
  2. The tasting notes for our Haiti bar are molasses, pie crust, smoked wood, and dried cherry.
  3. All packaging used for our Haiti 2.5 oz bar is compostable.
  4. Honeymoon pledges to make a donation with every purchase, including this bar, to honeybee research via The Pollinator Partnership- see the inner wrapper for more information on how to help save the bees!
  5. Our cacao beans for the Haiti bar come in a LARGE canvas sack. Of the 70kg of beans, only roughly 56kg are usable for making chocolate. 20% of the raw cacao beans by weight are lost during the winnowing process in which the cacao husks are removed from the beans.
  6. We partner with PISA (Produits Des Iles SA) to get our cacao for our 70% Haiti bar to support systems change and reduce structural inequities in Haiti, while acknowledging that the end goal for economic justice has yet to be met and will require long-term partnership across the chocolate value chain. PISA launched their centralized processing facility in 2014, which was a revolutionary change for the way the cacao industry worked in Haiti, offering the first high quality Haitian cacao to the US market. Today, PISA still provides smallholder farmers access to the specialty cacao market by purchasing wet cacao, centrally fermenting it, and selling it at a higher price for its higher quality. (uncommoncacao.com)
  7. Cacao's antioxidant power (ORAC) is one of the very highest & it is considered a 'super food' thanks to its many wholesome qualities! It can help protect against cell aging, tumors, and even some diseases like Alzheimer’s
  8. You can find our Haiti bar online at our website, various retail locations throughout Saint Louis and San Francisco, or at one of the weekly markets we are at in St. Louis!

A photo of our 85% Haiti Dark Chocolate Bar next to the back of its packaging which is a pale cream and dark indigo color

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