Honeymoon Chocolates, A Love Story

Honeymoon Chocolates, A Love Story

Haley and Cameron Loyet founded Honeymoon Chocolates in 2016 as a couple. In honor  of their 2021 Valentine’s Day release of their new strawberries and Champagne bar, they  wanted to share the love story of what started it all.  

Where did you first meet?  

Haley and Cameron Loyet met through a mutual friend at a small get together at their alma mater Illinois Wesleyan University. They instantly hit it off. Haley thought Cam was cute, kind,  and admired the way he poked fun at his friends. Cam’s initial thoughts about Haley were that  “this lady (Haley) is incredibly genuine, likes really cool music and is a bit out of my league”  After their first meeting they started studying together in the student center until their first date.  


Haley and Cam’s first date was to the movies. After the movie they picked up bubble tea and  ended up talking for another four hours in the student center about life and their families. Haley  said that she loved being able to hold a conversation about everything and nothing with Cam.  She opened up about tough parts of her life to Cam and said she knew in those moments that  he accepted her for who she was completely. Cam said that he felt like he had never met  anyone he could open up to like he had with Haley. They both lost track of time and didn’t  realize how late it was until they were literally kicked out of the student center. 

Their second date Cam took Haley out to dinner at Medici and they both remember this date  due to its gravity within their relationship. Cam told Haley that night that her eyes were  “sparkling beautifully” and he could really see a future with her. 

Haley and Cam were both very big readers even before meeting each other. Right before they went on their week long spring break from college in 2015 they decided to exchange books as a way to keep getting to know each other. Haley gave Cam her copy of her favorite book Jane  

Eyre and Cam gave Haley a copy of The Picture of Dorian Gray. When Cam gave Haley her book back, he had left notes on pages throughout the book with his thoughts on certain  themes, metaphors or his favorite lines. The attention to detail in reading her favorite book was  something Haley really admired as it showed how much attention and care he put into  something that meant a lot to her. She soon realized this was a large part of who Cam is.  

In the beginning of their relationship, Cam’s intentionality was one of the things that made Haley fall in love with him quicker. When they officially started dating it wasn’t a small conversation. Cam drove from Mississippi, in the middle of their spring break, to take Haley out to coffee to intentionally ask her if they could be in a relationship.

Haley and Cameron Loyet in the Kitchen making Honeymoon Chocolates

Who said I love you first?  

Haley and Cam wrote letters to each other at the beginning of their relationship. A few weeks  into writing letters Haley signed a letter saying “with all my love”. A few weeks later, after about 4 months of knowing each other and on their one month dating anniversary Cam said “I love  you” and Haley said it back. 

Current favorite thing about each other: 

Cam loves Haley’s compassion for everyone. He loves that she is very genuine. Haley is  currently getting her degree in medicine and Cam admires the compassion for the children that she helps at the hospitals every day. 

Haley admires Cam’s dedication. She says that Cam has always been a good partner and a  good friend. He will do anything for anyone that he really cares about, family or friends. Haley  also loves Cam’s spontaneity. She said she feels like she sometimes gets stuck in her schedule  and he will inspire her by saying “let’s do something crazy for dinner or let’s go somewhere for  the weekend”. She loves this about him and it balances her out. 

What is your favorite thing about marriage?  

Cam’s favorite thing about marriage is having someone to pick up the slack when he’s having  an off day. He also loves that when he needs help there is always someone there to pick him up and he is able to do the same for Haley.

Haley’s favorite thing about marriage is knowing that there is someone who is fully committed  to her and who doesn’t have to be there but chooses to be there for her every day. She also  loves being able to choose to love Cam in return. Haley believes love is a verb and that love is about choosing to actively love someone and accept their love every day. 

Honeymoon Chocolate's first tempering machine

Honeymoon Chocolates memories together  

One of their first memories of trying out new chocolate flavors was on Cam’s 21st birthday.  Cam decided that instead of going out drinking he wanted to make chocolate with Haley. They went to the grocery store to pick up beer for Cam and ingredients for chocolate. They made about 15 different varieties of chocolate bars that night, peach, banana, mango, and raspberry to name a few and it is a really fond memory of chocolate making for both of them.  

A few of Haley’s favorite memories are what they consider some of their “fails” throughout  starting their business. She remembers vividly when Cam carried a 160 pound bag of cacao  nibs up 3 flights of stairs and Cam collapsed after carrying it up. Haley also fondly remembers  the times Cam tried to move the cacao grinder while it was still grinding and got white chocolate EVERYWHERE. She described the aftermath as “like a crime scene” and it took  weeks to clean up.  

Supplies in a dorm closet that were used to make Honeymoon Chocolates, such as cacao pods and a grinder

The closet in Cam’s dorm room that his roommates graciously let them overtake

Another fond and self-proclaimed “fail” memory for the couple was their first national conference in Seattle, Washington. They shipped 600+ bars in one box with very little padding. The bars that arrived in Seattle were either broken or smudged from poor shipping methods. Cam described the mess in the  shipping box as “when you clean up a chalk board with all the dust” how much toner was  everywhere. All of their bars were covered in the toner in all different colors. The inner wrapper  was fine but the outer wrapper needed to be re-done. They only had 200 bars that made it to  the conference that were sell-able. Haley showed up a few days later with a massive folder of  new wrappers for their bars. They could not re-melt down the bars that had the toner on them  so they lost 400 bars to that conference. Overall it was still a great experience as their booth  was right across from large chocolate brands and brands that they looked up to. It was their  first time really seeing that they could really do this and make chocolate full time. 

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