Reduce Your Waste Output & Compost That (Honeymoon) Chocolate Wrapper

Reduce Your Waste Output & Compost That (Honeymoon) Chocolate Wrapper

In 2015, the US EPA recorded close to 262 million tons of solid waste disposed of by American citizens. This translates to roughly 1,600 pounds of waste annually per US citizen (assuming a US population of 330m). U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. (2018a). (Advancing sustainable materials management: Facts and figures. Retrieved from

Living in Saint Louis is incredibly enjoyable. We have savory restaurants and main attractions minutes away. Although, city living isn’t clean. The sight of trash in parks and on the side of the roads/highways is commonplace. To be the change we want to see in our community, Honeymoon has committed to creating packaging for our bars that won’t add to the litter or clutter.

All of our chocolate bar packaging is compostable- from our stickers to our chocolate pouches. Composting waste is the act of decomposing organic, carbon-based materials into a soil additive that is beneficial for plants. (Ahmad R, Jilani G, Arshad M, Zahir ZA, Khalid A. Bio-conversion of organic wastes for their recycling in agriculture: An overview of perspectives and prospects. Annals of Microbiology. 2007;57(4):471–479. doi: 10.1007/BF03175343.)

One of the most difficult tasks was finding a solution to our stickers. We are thankful for finding Elevate Packaging and their sugar cane labels that are a sustainable and tree-free answer to deforestation.

“Sugarcane is a renewable eco-friendly source as it reproduces in cycles of less than one year. In comparison, trees for paper production generally take 7 to 10 years to reach maturity. Deforestation accounts for 20 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. By using sugarcane in place of wood pulp we can lower pollution and preserve forest ecosystems.” (“​Why Sugarcane Labels Are Both Eco-Friendly and Attractive.” PURE Labels,

Our new compostable pouches are safe for industrial and home composting. Results may vary depending on the environment in your home compost. Our pouches are vegan, non-GMO, and not made with PLA.

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