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  • What Better Way to Social Distance? A Commentary on Seizing the Opportunity for Self-Care

    Social distancing is the buzzword that we all hate to love with its obvious benefits, but serious challenges for those of us who are anything short...
  • Reduce Your Waste Output & Compost That (Honeymoon) Chocolate Wrapper

    In 2015, the US EPA recorded close to 262 million tons of solid waste disposed of by American citizens. This translates to roughly 1,600 pounds of ...
  • It's Always (Chocolate) Tea Time

    Our favorite new product? Chocolate tea- better known as roasted cacao husk. Honeymoon Chocolate’s chocolate tea is made from the husk of cacao bea...
  • History of Chocolate and Easter

    Easter and chocolate have been together for centuries- dating back to 1873 when the first hollow Easter chocolate egg was sold in the UK by JS Frys and Son [1]. But why did confections in the shape of eggs find their way into Easter baskets?
  • Behind the Bar: Blueberry and Lavender Bar

    From the moment Honeymoon Chocolates started making white chocolate bars in 2016, Haley knew she wanted to make a white chocolate lavender bar. Her inspiration behind the bar was from one of her favorite food memories from her childhood. While on a family vacation, she went to a small local ice cream parlor, and it was there that she had lavender ice cream for the first time ever.
  • Health Benefits to Cacao and Coffee

    Cacao and Coffee both share similarities in harvesting, fermenting, and growing climate. And the benefits of enjoying both overlap in ways that we continue to amaze. As part of our journey to showcase the benefits of cacao, we decided to loop in our local coffee roaster, Kaldi’s Coffee, to compare and contrast some benefits of chocolate and coffee.
  • Harvesting Practices Between Coffee and Cacao

    In this blog post we have collaborated with Kadli's Coffee to tell you all about the differences between harvesting coffee and harvesting cacao.
  • 85% Haiti Dark Chocolate Bar

    Today on the blog we wanted to give you 8 fun facts about our 85% Haiti Dark Chocolate bar. Read on to learn all about our Haiti Dark Chocolate bar!

  • 70% Peruvian Dark Raspberry Chocolate Bar: Behind the Bar

    Today we wanted to give you a behind the scenes look at our fan favorite bar, our 70% Peruvian Dark Raspberry Chocolate bar. Here are 10 fun facts...
  • Why Honey Rocks

    We get a lot of questions about our brand- the most repeated question is, “Why Honey? Couldn’t you just use cane sugar?”

    And simply put, we wanted to create a bar that we would be considered a healthier option. By picking a product that has local raw honey, you have made your first step to crafting a healthier lifestyle. 

  • Honeymoon Chocolates, A Love Story

    Haley and Cameron Loyet founded Honeymoon Chocolates in 2016 as a couple. In honor of their 2021 Valentine’s Day release of their new strawberries and Champagne bar, they wanted to share the love story that started it all.

  • Behind the Bar: 70% Peru, Strawberry, and Champagne

    Honeymoon Chocolates is releasing a special edition Valentine’s Day 2021 chocolate bar. Read more to find out what goes into choosing and making a new recipe for co-founders Haley and Cameron Loyet.